Trumpet Bell Covers – Everything You Need to Know!

What are trumpet bell covers? Are trumpet bell covers effective in preventing the spread of covid19? Do trumpet bell covers affect the sound and timbre when playing an instrument? Many questions arise when the phrase trumpet bell covers appears. Whether you are a trumpet beginner or curious about how to play trumpet effectively during this pandemic, you will find the most appropriate and accurate answer in our sharing below.


What is a Trumpet Bell Cover? What is the purpose of a trumpet bell cover?


What is a Trumpet Bell Cover? 

The concept of trumpet bell covers is a relatively new concept because it only appeared after the strong outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic. Understandably, the trumpet bell covers act as a mask to prevent or reduce the large amount of saliva that accumulates from the bell flowing out. By sealing the bell mouth, this protects other players from corona infection.

What is the purpose of trumpet bell covers? 

When you blow the trumpet, a large amount of saliva accumulates in your trumpet. During a complex pandemic, it is difficult to prevent this from spreading further as COVID spreads rapidly through respiratory droplets. Accordingly, it is recommended that trumpet players use bell covers to help reduce the transmission of aerosol droplets while playing (by the National Federation of High School Societies (NFHS)). 

In addition, one particular study found that a trumpet bell cover can reduce, on average, nearly 80% of respiratory droplets in the air. Therefore, trumpet bell covers are used specifically to help prevent the spread of aerosols during trumpet play.

What are trumpet bell covers made of?


What materials are trumpet bell covers made of?

Trumpet bell covers are typically made from a double-layered stretch fabric that stretches over the bells, durable, resilient, and machine washable. Nylon or polyester/spandex blends are fabrics commonly used to make trumpet bell covers. To ensure quality and provide optimal protection, any trumpet bell covers need to be thick enough.

What is the best material for a trumpet bell cover?

As mentioned, fabric is the most popular and best material for making trumpet bell covers because it is not soft and does not make a lot of noise when it is rubbed with the trumpet. Ideally, trumpet bell covers should be made from stretchy fabric (88% polyester + 12% spandex). Depending on the recommended size according to your instrument, sizes range from 3.75 – 5″ (95 – 127mm) to create a barrier for droplets and germs.

The best types of trumpet bell covers today?

To meet the need for safety when playing trumpet, many types of trumpet bell covers have been born. Here are some of the best trumpet bell covers available today: 

  • Bell Barrier BB3.25D ($16.95) – Easy to use and only slightly reduces transparent sound
  • Bell Barrier BB4.0 ($16.95) – More protection than standard trumpet bell covers.
  • Bell Barrier BB5 ($15.95) – Wide range of sizes should fit almost any instrument.
  • Conn-Selmer Softone CSBC5M ($16.95) – Double layer model with excellent quality air filter.
  • D’Addario WBCJ01 ($14.50) – Using high-quality filter material should allow sound to pass easily, preserving the sonic efficiency of your instrument.
  • Gator CVR0405 ( $19.99) – 2 layers of luxurious black, easy to use
  • Gator CVR0607 ( $19.99) – 2 layers of luxurious black, easy to use
  • McCormicks 10-5 black/white( $19.99) – Fits almost all standard trumpets and is optimally effective in preventing pandemics.
  • McCormicks 10-6 ( $19.99) – Can be washed and reused many times without worrying about quality.
  • Protec A321 – A322 ($11.95) – High quality material, various sizes and easy to use
  • Protec A361 – A362  ($14.95) – High quality material, various sizes and easy to use

Do trumpet bell covers affect sound and timbre?


As previously reported, trumpet bell covers can affect sound and timbre due to the added pressure difference of the bell cap. Some trumpeters mention that trumpet bell covers can also impair their judgment and pronunciation. Professional players easily find the sound a bit muffled because there is a physical layer covering the bell and not much air escapes from the trumpet. With ensembles such as marching bands, this is a problem for them, they will need to use more steam to increase the volume as desired. However, inexperienced audiences can hardly discern this difference and still enjoy good and captivating music.

Question and answer about trumpet bell covers

Is a bell cover the same as a mute?

No. Trumpet bell covers will not function fully as a mute unit, although they can reduce the tone and volume of the trumpet. 

A mute is a device that trumpet players use to change the sound and timbre of an instrument. Although the word “mute” means silent, when it is turned off, it still makes a sound. Mute is used in works for concert bands, orchestras, in jazz music. As can be seen, mute is used to change or completely reduce the sound and timbre of the trumpet. Meanwhile, trumpet bell covers only have a small effect on the sound and timbre of the instrument (insignificant effect). 

Mute is used to reduce the volume or change the timbre of a trumpet to better combine with other instruments in a performing group. Meanwhile, the main purpose of trumpet bell covers is to prevent and limit the spread of covid – 19. In fact, trumpeters cannot use trumpet bell covers as a substitute for the mute button. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, players will have different options.

How much do trumpet bell covers cost?

Depending on the brand, a trumpet bell cover can range in price from $7 to $20. The trumpet bell covers made from reputable brands will cost more than others, however, they will make products of great quality. Of course their products do not affect the timbre, sound of the instrument.

What are the most popular brands in trumpet bell covers?

On the market today, some of the most popular brands in trumpet bell covers that use two-layer stretch fabric for maximum protection from viruses include Protec, Conn Selmer, D’Addario, McCormicks, Bell Barrier,…In particular, ProTec is the highest rated trumpet bell covers manufacturer on Amazon (helps slow the spread of germs, double-layer fabric protection, excellent playability and easily fits over the bell without worrying about damaging the finish of the music). Besides, Conn Selmer – a famous musical instrument manufacturer also creates trumpet bell covers with great price and quality. 

Can you make a trumpet bell cover yourself?

You can totally make a trumpet bell cover yourself. To make a trumpet bell cover, you need to prepare: polyester and spandex or nylon blend stretch fabric, 3/8 inch elastic, safety pins, paper, pencil, thread in the same color as the fabric and sewing machine. These are so common that you can buy them at any of your nearest craft stores. You can use sportswear if you don’t want to use fabric. 

Detailed instructions:

  • Step one: Prepare a blank sheet of paper, put the trumpet bell on it and draw in its shape.
  • Step two: Use a ruler or compass to create a circle (measure 1.25 inches larger than this circle). Then cut your paper around the larger circle.
  • Step three: Use the cut mold to enlarge the fabric and cut 2 similar circles.
  • Step four: Sew the 2 cut halves together, making room for a 1/4 inch seam. Remember to leave a hole just enough for you to flip it out.
  • Step five: After turning inside out, you need to make another seam 5/8 inch from the outer edge to create space for the elastic.
  • Step six: Use an elastic band about 11 inches long. Thread it around the edge of the trumpet bell. Finally, sew the two ends of the elastic together and sew up any openings.

Now you can enjoy the expected results.


As a regular trumpet player, of course, you want to be able to play in groups to improve your skills but this can lead to a strong covid spread. Luckily, you can both play the trumpet and practice in groups with the trumpet bell covers. They are clearly effective in limiting respiratory droplets. Hopefully our sharing about trumpet bell covers will really help you in the process of playing this favorite instrument. In addition, to achieve the best effect of preventing the covid epidemic, you should use a trumpet cover, wear a tool mask, play outdoors and practice a safe distance.

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