[Pricing Tips] How much used trumpets sell for?

Many players are curious about “how much used trumpets sell for“. A trumpet costs a lot of money, so people frequently spend a lot of money on it. However, the price of a used trumpet is usually lower by the time they decide to sell it, for whatever reason.

You want to sell the trumpet you never play anymore but have laying around. You could also wish to upgrade to a different trumpet or something else if you have a few extra dollars. But how much can a trumpet be sold for? Where may the sale be made? You can get answers to all these questions from us.

You should be aware of the price of a used trumpet regardless of your level of skill or if you require a beginner’s trumpet. Moreover, in this article, we also provide the price of a used trumpet depending on what factors are covered.


Prices of some popular trumpets on the market

Yamaha YTR-2330


A student trumpet is the YTR-2330. These modern trumpets, however, are frequently extremely expensive. It’s about $1384.00 in price. It is quite difficult for parents of trumpet players or students to afford a trumpet like the YTR-2330. However, they might try to purchase a used YTR-2330 that is less expensive. Prices for used YTR-2330 trumpets range from $300.00 to $500.00. This trumpet can be purchased for as little as $200.00.

Yamaha Xeno Artist Series ‘Chicago’


Professional trumpet players should use the Yamaha Xenos. It is well-liked and regarded as the Xeno brand’s premier product range. When purchased brand-new, this trumpet costs around $4651.99. However, it only earns you around $2,500.00 when you sell it.

Bach Stradivarius Model 43

One of Bach’s popular Stradivarius trumpet models is the Model 43. It is valued for its capacity to make good sounds and hit high notes. A Model 43 trumpet will cost you around $3159.00. Used Model 43 prices range from $1,200 to $1,700.00.

Yamaha YTR-1335


The YTR-1335 student trumpet is no longer produced. However, occasionally you might also find it being offered on the secondhand market. They do not get as much attention as they formerly did because they are no longer included on the current Yamaha website. As a result, used trumpets do not have particularly high prices.

Bach TR-300

The current TR-300 is no longer produced, but instead is the TR300H2 trumpet. On the market, used TR-300 trumpets are frequently incredibly affordable. A used TR-300 trumpet will set you back less than $200.00.

Factors determining the price of a trumpet


1. Make – Model

One of the factors that contribute to an instrument’s worth is its make and model. You may depend on the value of the instrument being etched on the top of the instrument, near the bell.

Depending on the manufacturer of the trumpet, you can locate Make-Model in several locations throughout the trumpet. For instance, the brand and model of a Bach trumpet are frequently engraved next to the trumpet’s casing, next to the bell. For Yamaha trumpets, the model is engraved above the serial number on the central valve housing. 

You may research the make and model of your trumpet to find out “how much used trumpets sell for” by looking it up on eBay or Craigslist.

2. Year of manufacture

By entering the trumpet’s serial number on the manufacturer’s website, you may determine the trumpet’s year of manufacture. This factor may also be taken into consideration when determining the trumpet’s product price. To achieve the best results, you may only compare trumpet kinds that are comparable to one another.

3. Trumpet Type and Player Level

The basic B flat trumpet, the piccolo, the flugelhorn, the Eb, the cornet, the C trumpet, and many other kinds are among the many different trumpet varieties. The value of a trumpet will vary depending on its kind. The cost of these trumpets varies depending on their availability or the player’s desire. As a result, we constantly highlight the need to compare items of the same type’s prices.

The price of a trumpet is also influenced by the player’s level. The trumpets that are made are intended for a variety of customers, including students, beginners, intermediate players, and professionals.

4. Materials and Its Finish

For trumpets, gold or silver-plated lacquers are frequently employed. These two types of materials are significantly different to the naked eye. The trumpets that the performer plays are visible to the viewers. Generally speaking, trumpets with silver plating are worth more, but there are other considerations.

Your trumpet will undoubtedly wear out after many years of use. The majority of trumpets do, however, have some shine. The lacquer can also occasionally peel off, though. Your instrument’s value will decrease in situations like these.

Compared to lacquered gold, instruments manufactured from gold-plates are more expensive and have a better color. These tools are sometimes highly expensive, and only specialists can really appreciate them.

5. Condition

A used trumpet’s condition is often only evaluated by experts. Normal players won’t be able to tell the difference between visual defects and ones that affect the sound output. 

The dent on the instrument should be examined first. The trumpet’s value is impacted by the size of the dent, whether it is minor or enormous. You should inspect the trumpet’s condition and learn how to identify it in the right condition in this phase.

Second, make sure the device’s lead pipe doesn’t have red rot. The trumpet might need to be entirely replaced once it begins to exhibit red rot. If so, the trumpet’s worth will be greatly decreased.

The valves should next be examined for wear, damage, or jamming. If so, fix it to prevent your trumpet from losing value.

Where to Sell Your Used Trumpet

Used trumpets can be sold in two different ways. You have the option of selling locally, online, or both. Online sales are, however, far more common. Buyers have the option to express interest in a product, check whether it is available, and know “how much used trumpets sell for”. Selling locally is another reasonable choice that you shouldn’t pass up.

Selling Online

Online shopping is quite common. To sell used trumpets, you have a selection of internet marketplaces to consider. The most well-known online marketplaces include Facebook Marketplace, Reverb, eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon.

Selling Locally

Selling at your local music store is a good decision. These shops are always open for used musical instrument purchases. It is true that you won’t be aware of “how much used trumpets sell for,” and that you typically have little control over how much you value your trumpet.

Tips for Selling a Used Trumpet


Check out the advice provided below if you want to sell your used trumpet and obtain the price you desire.

1. Choose the kind of instrument you will sell.

You must first decide what kind of trumpet you wish to sell. You need to be knowledgeable about your trumpet. You must be aware of the type of trumpet, as well as its features, specs, and more.

2. Research the market – online market

You must ascertain whether the instrument you hold is fashionable and in demand right now. Additionally, you need to learn how much used trumpets sell for and how long they are sold for. On the website you wish to sell, you will be able to do all of this. 

3. Describe your trumpet

After researching the market, it’s time to begin listing your trumpet. All that is required is trumpet-related information, such as the serial number, name of the manufacturer, year of manufacture, kind of material, state of condition, and more.

4. Take a quality photo

These images might show how your trumpet is. Customers will receive an overview so they may choose whether to purchase it or not. Therefore, you must accurately note the trumpet’s specifications, such as its manufacturer, model name, and serial number. It’s also a good idea to take pictures from a distance to capture the trumpet in its entirety.

5. Set a price

You probably also have a general idea of “how much used trumpets sell for” from researching the market. You are free to choose and set the price as you choose. But be aware that you can only receive a price that is less than what you paid initially. You will lose a lot of money if your offer is too low. However, if you set your asking price too high, your trumpet might not be seen and might not sell.

6. Be patient

The response to your listing on websites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and others takes time. So please be patient and wait for clients to contact you if they are interested in your trumpet items.

7. Send it

You may decide on a price and ship the trumpet when a prospective buyer contacts you and purchases it. Please inspect and clean the trumpet before shipment to guarantee that it reaches the customer in good condition.

Some questions about the price of the trumpet

What is the most popular trumpet on the used market?

Yamaha, Bach, Jupiter, Getzen, and Olds are the most commonly used trumpet brands. The Stradivarius by Bach is currently in high demand. People are most intrigued by and interested in it.

Due to their cheaper cost, student trumpet versions are also of appeal. Students may typically utilize this type of trumpet. For instance, the used YRT-2330 is quite affordable.

When demand is high and the market is trending upward, Yamaha’s YTR-4335GII trumpets are rather common in the secondhand market.

How do Trumpets decrease in value quickly?

Trumpets decrease in value over time and for a variety of reasons. Each minor flaw in a trumpet can cause it to lose several times its value.It seems to reason that your trumpet will experience a variety of issues after extensive use. Regardless of how big or minor the issue is, its value is significantly impacted.

We’ll use a Bach Stradivarius Model 37 as an example. When you buy it completely new from a retailer, it is worth $2,999.00. However, if you use it for a short while and then decide to sell it, you may expect to get close to $2,300.00 for it if it isn’t severely damaged. The trumpet is only worth $1,700.00 if it has visible scratches, though. You just receive more than half the sum to purchase it.

When is the best time to buy or sell a trumpet?

When there is a high demand for trumpets, this is the best moment to sell them. For your reference, we shall examine the times when the demand for trumpets rises.

  • Children: At the start of the academic year, this target customer frequently needs to play the trumpet. You may sell trumpets to customers in September.
  • Beginner: Presents for trumpet players are also chosen in the month that includes a holiday season, such as Christmas or New Year. In November and December, there is a sharp surge in demand for trumpets. You have the option to sell at this time.
  • Professional trumpet players: Market research indicates that professional musicians’ and music college students’ demand rises from July to September.

Aim for a few months down the road if you’re a buyer. Many new players frequently stop playing by February and start looking to sell. The trumpet will be less expensive at that time.

When is a trumpet too old to play well?

The player’s care and maintenance affect the trumpet’s lifespan. Setting up a routine for your trumpet, such as how frequently you clean and maintain it, is important when you possess one. Players must consistently inspect it to see whether there is red rot. In this manner, you can guarantee a long trumpet’s life and maintain its quality of sound over time.


Thanks to this article, you may now answer the question “how much used trumpets sell for” This article will be very beneficial to you if you are having trouble selling your old trumpet. I hope you learn more useful information about trumpets.

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