How much do Monette trumpets cost? Is it expensive?

In the world of musical instruments, the Monette trumpet is far too well-known. They frequently wonder, “how much do Monette trumpets cost?” The cost of the Monette will be of significant interest to individuals who play trumpet instruments. Is the cost justified?

One of the trumpets with the highest reputation is the Monette. Many trumpet players adore this. The Monette holds a dominant position in the market and has carved out a place for itself.

The quality and efficiency of this brand of trumpet are without dispute. Is the price unjustifiably high for such quality? In this article, we shall discuss the questions on the subject of Monette trumpets

How much does a Monette cost?

Many trumpet players always wonder if the cost of a Monette is expensive. There is also some debate as to whether the Monette is the absolute best trumpet and whether it justifies its price tag. Let’s consider the following:

Monettes range from $10,000 to $20,000. High-end Monettes can cost upwards of $50,000, while other professional trumpets have a much lower price. Of course, Monette trumpets are valued as being significantly more expensive than comparable brands. However, the question of “how much do Monette Trumpets cost” will no longer concern those who genuinely want to possess this distinguished trumpet. Because they are interested in how to own this prestigious trumpet and the sounds it produces.

But we also need to consider other factors. They have worked hard to develop a high reputation for unique design and high quality. Each Monette trumpet is made to order, making each one very unique. Many people are willing to be on a long waiting list just to get it first.

Alternatively, you can also sell a used Monette and have its retail value reduced by about half. A $20,000 Monette will probably sell for $10,000.

Detailed information about Monette


David Monette, a trumpeter, and acoustician Arthur Benade set out to reinvent the trumpet and its mouthpiece. He wanted to enhance the sound and playability of the things he could purchase since he was dissatisfied with them. They always make an effort to “produce the perfect sound,” as he puts it. 

His first trumpet came in 1983. In 1985, his first trumpet mouthpieces hit the shelves. The goal was to improve mouthpieces in order to contribute to producing a nice sound.

Every client receives a unique Monette trumpet, which requires an average of 150 labor hours to create. There is a more than one-year waiting list to purchase a Monette trumpet due to the strong demand for them.

Some information about Monette prices


We’ll provide you with some details regarding the Monette trumpet prices. If it’s worthwhile, you’ll be able to determine “how much do Monette trumpets cost.

Is the Monette considered the most expensive trumpet?

It is fair to say that the Monette trumpet is the most expensive. Neither aspiring nor seasoned trumpeters would be able to afford it, but it doesn’t change the fact that Monette is a brand without any real competitors.

One of the most costly trumpet brands available is Monette. Each of these trumpets is manufactured by hand, and professional trumpet players highly regard them. The top-of-the-line Monette trumpet, which is brand new, may cost up to $50,000. Compared to a standard professional trumpet, this is significantly more costly. An entry-level professional trumpet costs about $2,000. Prices for Monette trumpets typically vary from $10,000 to $20,000.

Additionally, Monette mouthpieces cost a lot more than those from other brands. Price points for the Resonance mouthpiece range from $275 to $360.

Why is a Monette so expensive?

The incredible sound that a Monette trumpet can make is the main factor in its high price. Your ability to create music of excellent quality with the aid of Monette. A Monette trumpet can produce notes with better intonation, clarity, brightness, and sustainment than most other trumpets.

David G. Monette, the inventor of the Monette trumpet and its mouthpieces, had a vision for a trumpet that generates the ideal sound, which, in his words, is music that won’t disrupt a musician’s connection with the audience. It is impossible to say whether or not that vision has come true, but the Monette trumpet creates a level of sound that other brands can only, for the time being, uncompare.

Additionally, these trumpets are made by hand and take a long time to produce. The company’s reputation is another reason why the costs are higher.

What is the price of a used Monette?

As previously said, used Monettes may still be sold. By this point, you’ve probably realized how in-demand these trumpets are. If it is in decent shape, I don’t think you will have any trouble selling it. 

Without a doubt, the price you receive for your sale will differ from the cost you spent. So, before selling, give it some thought. Because there is such a long waiting list, some people decide to purchase second-hand. If you chose to sell it, you would probably obtain roughly half of its original cost.

Pros and cons of Monette price

Pros of Monette price Cons of Monette price
  • You will receive a trumpet with a recognized reputation for this costly price. The brand Monette has a strong reputation.
  • It’s a very high-quality trumpet. They produce really expensive instruments. 
  • Its tone is a unique quality that is priceless. There aren’t many trumpet brands that can produce such wonderful tones and leave such a lasting impression. The trumpet makes distinctive and stunning sounds. 
  • They have excellent intonation across their range. It is custom-made and flawlessly made of extremely high quality. 
  • Only individuals with sufficient money and trumpet players who play professionally should pay this price. This won’t be affordable for everyone due to the high price of a monette trumpet. 
  • They sometimes charge 10 times as much as competing major manufacturers. 
  • It’s not a piece of equipment for a newbie.

How does it compare to similar trumpet brands?


The difference may be seen when compared to similar brands. The Monette trumpet costs more than the other trumpet, as is already evident. Naturally, the sound will also be different. Certain professional players regard the high-quality Monette trumpets as being worth the cost.

Today, Monette trumpets are recognized for their rich, varied tone. Other brands cannot compare to the sound that this brand produces when playing the trumpet. Monette trumpets are unique in their size, weight, and features. This results in a rich tone with evenly spaced intonation for each note. No other brand can match the most unique sound that this one has.

The Monette trumpet’s mouthpieces all have a constant pitch center, allowing the player to achieve accurate sounds with excellent intonation. Players are strong enough to stop thinking about using tension to control their mouthpiece. They may focus on playing better while taking deep, natural breaths. However, there is too much compression in other mouthpieces. With a typical mouthpiece, octaves are compressed, creating a flat C and a sharp low C. Players must use tension to make up for this.

What is the most popular Monette?


We’ll show you four different Monette designs that are trendy. These are the products they sell more than any other, and each has its own unique benefits.

The first is the compact and lightweight MF STC Bb trumpet. This kind is excellent for hitting high notes. It plays a double C far better than any other Monette.

The XLT STC category is up next. Due to its ability to blend in well with other trumpet players, it is appreciated by many professional lute players. The standard weight XLT of this instrument will be felt when playing. This trumpet brand matches other professional trumpet brands the most.

The P3 STC is another well-liked one. It features a 5.75-inch bell that is rather large and loud. The horn is rather heavy, yet the weight is not excessive. But playing it is also very simple. The notes on the P3 STC are not difficult to miss.

The RAJNA 3 is the final item we would suggest. It has a unique style. Because of its distinctive design, it can take notes more clearly than others. It is designed with lightweight sheet bracing. This type is simple to hold and provides consistent, deep tones.

What is my Monette worth?

If you consider the following factors, the Monette trumpet you own will be worth the money. You should think about “how much do Monette trumpets cost” right now. If you recently purchased your trumpet, its value would be comparable. Maybe you have a trumpet that is worth between $10,000 and $20,000.


You now know the answer to the question, “How much do Monette trumpets cost?” The exorbitant amount you pay will be justified by the benefits you receive. Before purchasing the Monette trumpet, thoroughly consider the benefits it offers. As you will be on a long waiting list to purchase a trendy instrument, be sure to wait patiently enough.

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