11 Great Trumpets For Marching Bands For All Levels

When it comes to Trumpets, many people often think of epic music and battle trumpets, lively and fun sounds every time they perform. Perhaps that’s why it became the great trumpet for marching bands. The trumpet is a musical instrument that is now commonly used in bands or in schools. The trumpet originated in ancient Egypt used to call, urge, inspired by the patriarch’s horns. Scroll down to learn more about a marching trumpet and great trumpets for marching bands.


What is a marching trumpet called?

This is a trumpet designed specifically to serve the needs of use in parades because of its structural features, its sound is very suitable for marching bands. Overall in a band, the trumpet stands out with its bright copper material. The elegant, elongated, double-bending copper design is a prominent image with this trumpet line. The sound echoed far away, echoing a long piece of music. 

The trumpet can be combined with other instruments, fast or slow tempo can be caught up. Without the sound of the trumpet, the marching music seems to be missing a note, the melody is not complete. There’s no denying that it is a great trumpet for marching bands.

3 Important criteria to choose a great trumpet for marching band


1. Budget

Many people choose to buy a cheap trumpet because it is quite easy to damage during use. However, in fact, it can be used for a long time if it is made of good materials and carefully preserved. Depending on different uses, you can consider choosing a trumpet with an appropriate price. For students, owning a trumpet in the 200-400 dollar range is often an optimal choice. For college players, you can invest for around $500-$1000. For professional players, the price of a trumpet ranges between $800-$1500.

How much should you really spend on a marching band trumpet? In fact, it’s rare for people to pay a fortune for a trumpet that they’ll use in a marching band. Harsh elements like rain, wind, and snow can cost you a lot of money. Try to keep your purchases under $2,000.

2. Trumpet sound, weight & size

Trumpet sound: Compared to playing an ensemble, playing the trumpet in a marching band usually requires less: less dexterity and not too strict about tonal nuances. As you can see, in many marching bands, sound quality is not the most important thing. But, you should also choose a trumpet with a good sound, easy to sympathize with the listener.

Trumpet weight & size: You will feel more comfortable, relaxed and confident playing with a lighter trumpet, right? Depending on your ability, you should choose the trumpet with the most ideal weight and size.

3. Trumpet User

Each brand produces a wide range of products from entry-level to high-end, from beginner trumpets to professional performance trumpets. Depending on the object as well as the purpose of use, you can choose the type with the appropriate design.

Many people wonder Should I buy a used trumpet? Owning a new trumpet is your best bet. However, buying an old trumpet is fine, as long as the previous owner took good care of it. In some cases, you can even rent a trumpet if your budget is tight (you can pay a smaller amount for monthly rentals). For hygiene purposes, many experts recommend purchasing a new mouthpiece.

11 great marching band trumpets for all levels


The student trumpets are machine made and can be used well for a very long time. With the right target audience in mind, trumpet manufacturers all create a number of products specifically for new players. This makes it easy for players to get used to the instrument. They’re fun, easy to learn, affordable, and durable. They work well, however, they lack some of the more advanced features that students may need after becoming more proficient with the instrument.

1. Jean Paul USA TR-330


Are you a new member of the marching band? Do you want a trumpet with stable function and affordable price? The Jean Paul USA TR-330 has a brass gold body that matches the marching trumpet section. It is relatively durable and easy to transport due to its sturdy packaging. Besides, this product comes with a mouthpiece, valve oil and cleaning cloth to keep your trumpet in top condition.


  • The cost is not high
  • It is the best choice for beginners, though anyone who wants to try it can play it.
  • Lightweight

Cons: The sound is not really as good as many people would like.

2. Bach TR300H2


Next on the list, the Bach TR300H2 is one of the great trumpets for marching bands. It’s relatively easy to play, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a beginner. Players can focus on the music without worrying about noise because the piston valves move up and down with relative ease. You can completely control a long show or a parade.


  • Rugged texture
  • Beginners love to play
  • Easy to play


  • Valve can stick
  • Switching notes is quite limited.

3. Yamaha YTR-2330


The versatile features of the Yamaha YTR-2330 (such as well-balanced weight, sleek look with golden brass bells, steady sound) make it a great choice for marching bands. To make it easier for trumpet players to learn, the Yamaha YTR 2330 trumpet is designed with no splint on the main tuning track and the mouthpiece has the ideal thickness. Alloy pistons perform better and are more stable thereby reducing trumpet maintenance. As can be seen, the Yamaha YTR 2330 trumpet is carefully calculated in terms of performance, providing the best support for beginners.


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to play
  • Rugged texture

Cons: A bit heavy for some beginner trumpets

4. Jupiter JTR700


It was dubbed the great student trumpet to use in a marching band. No need to spend too much time practicing every day, but you can play good music with Jupiter JTR700. The slide third valve of this trumpet makes it easy to correct minor intonation problems. The clear, easy-to-follow melody makes it a very popular instrument. Jupiter brand is also a famous name chosen by many customers around the world.


  • This is one of those brass instruments with good sound quality at a reasonable price.
  • No difficulty to play
  • The favorable specifications for the player
  • Solid construction made of gold-plated brass for better technique

Cons: Quite heavy weight.

5. Prelude TR711 Bb Lacquered Trumpet


Are you starting to practice playing the trumpet? The Prelude TR711 Bb Lacquered Trumpet might be a good choice. The body of the trumpet is designed with yellow brass. The sound produced is not distorted and sounds quite warm. This is a great trumpet for marching bands. Crafted to exacting specifications, it is well-suited for players of all ages.


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Good sound
  • Eye-catching design

Cons: Not for advanced players or professional players.


The intermediate trumpet comes in two different forms: the student trumpet with added features to improve durability, and the intermediate trumpet which is comparable to the professional trumpet but manufactured in a less expensive way. More advanced students may find elementary level trumpets limited. As a result, trumpet manufacturers design trumpets with a number of advanced features to help growing players get a richer sound from their instrument at a more optimal cost.

1. Yamaha Advantage YTR-200AD II


This is a model suitable for intermediate players (beginners can also play well). The sound and design of the Yamaha Advantage YTR-200AD II makes a good impression on users. You’ll get a mouthpiece with your purchase, so you don’t have to pay extra for a mouthpiece.


  • Convenient for most trumpet players
  • Stable sound
  • Easy to play

Cons: Relatively high cost.

2. Yamaha Xeno Trumpet


You should try the Yamaha Xeno Trumpet if you like playing a lot of upbeat tunes with fast notes. With a reverse-pipe design and fast-moving valves, Xeno makes it easy for players to hit the right notes for a bright, resonant sound. It is an inspirational trumpet. Its outstanding power and capabilities create tonal versatility. Xeno trumpets always accompany the artists who play them, towards the ultimate goal of ideal musical expression. This is truly a great trumpet for marching bands. 


  • Impressive sound
  • Easy to play
  • Suitable for intermediate players

Cons: Quite heavy.

3. The Jupiter 1100S


Are you an intermediate player? The Jupiter 1100S is well worth trying out in marching bands. Sleek design, great sound, easy customization, you won’t have a problem even if you play for a long time. In fact, advanced players also consider it a great trumpet for marching bands.


  • Various functions
  • Good sound
  • Easy to play

Cons: This is not a good choice for beginners


Finally, professional-grade trumpets crafted with the finest materials and using the most careful craftsmanship are for those who plan to play at an advanced level and with seasoned experience. Advanced trumpeters looking for the best timbre and response will want great trumpets for marching bands below.

1. Bach 180S37 Professional Trumpet


The Bach 180S37 professional trumpet is one of the best-selling trumpets in the world. It is considered the best trumpet for the marching band. This trumpet produces a warm sound, providing a great experience. Eye-catching silver design, great sound, uniform tone, all you need to do is work well!


  • Very suitable for professional players
  • Not too heavy nor too light
  • Various specifications

Cons: High cost.

2. King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet


The King 2055 is one of the great trumpets for marching bands because of its impressive silver-plated design, not too heavy nor too light weight, and its resonant and bright sound. It helps you strike a balance between price and value.


  • Easy to play
  • Good service for large parades

Cons: Quite heavy weight.

3. The Yamaha YTR-8335RS


The Yamaha YTR-8335RS has a unique design that produces a relatively smooth sound. Professional players can produce solid sound in all dynamic ranges in a subtle and powerful way.


  • Pleasant sound
  • Good service for large parades or marching bands 

Cons: Quite heavy weight

Each type of trumpet has its own unique characteristics. Choose the one that suits your use and budget, and you can use it for as many years as possible!

FAQs – Great Trumpets For Marching Bands

How many trumpets are in a marching band?

A marching band is a group of musicians who play their instruments while marching. You might be surprised to learn that a marching band can have more than 300 instruments. While there is no limit to the number of instruments a marching band has, there are a few indispensable instruments. As is customary, most marching bands will have about 3-8 trumpets depending on how big or small the band is. In addition, there will be combinations with other instruments to create a perfect performance.

What brand makes the best trumpets?

The trumpet is one of the brass instruments used in many orchestras, musical ensembles or large marching bands. Each brand will create trumpets with different models, designs and characteristics. Based on the following criteria: manufacturer’s reputation, trumpet’s lifespan, existing features, available trumpet types, budget as well as user reviews, there are 10 brands that make the best trumpets you can refer to:

  • Bach
  • Schilke
  • Yamaha
  • Monette
  • Jupiter
  • Getzen
  • Carol Brass
  • King
  • Jean Paul USA
  • S.E. Shires

With the above list, you can dig into more detail about the history, origins of these brands on their official website to see why they are in the top 10 best trumpet brands today.

Can you march with a French horn?

Actually, you can march with a French horn. To play well, you must practice hard and thoroughly, avoiding possible mistakes. While they’re not specifically designed for marching bands, they’re interesting and can be used. Today, bands all use the mellophone – an instrument that closely resembles the trumpet in appearance or the trumpet for parades.


In war, music is a source of inspiration to encourage the fighting spirit of soldiers, a means of communication, and a weapon to threaten the enemy. Until today, strong and vibrant music has been an indispensable part of the marching bands. In particular, the trumpet is an interesting high-pitched instrument in the marching band. Of course, it is also possible to solo a song. You’ll need some strength if you want to blow it up. 

Do you have a performance for the marching band coming up soon? Hopefully with our 11 suggestions for great trumpets for marching bands, you’ll find the instrument that’s right for you.

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