Top 7 Best Piccolo Trumpets Right Now – Unique Buying Guide!

If you are in the group of people who love piccolo, surely you have thought about learning how to play it. Then, the first thing you need to do is own the best piccolo trumpet, right? In order to make it easier and more convenient for you to find the best piccolo, we spent a lot of time researching each product’s information, asking about the player’s actual experience, viewing the user reviews and other related guides. As a result, we’ve got a comprehensive share of the Top 7 Best Piccolo Trumpets on the market right now below. Now you can scroll down and find the right piccolo trumpet for you.


What is a piccolo trumpet?


Of the trumpet family, the Piccolo is the smallest trumpet. It uses a separate key for each key – specifically designed to play A or Bb. Over the years, the finest piccolos have been used in many musical genres by such famous players as Ludwig Güttler, Adolf Scherbaum, Wynton Marsalis, Otto Sauter, Reinhold Friedrich, Maurice André and many other professional players to make great music

What is the best piccolo trumpet?

What is the best piccolo trumpet? Well, with so many options available, it’s not easy to decide which is the best. If you are ready to learn, you should learn and do some research first. Accordingly, the best piccolo trumpet usually has high rating, great sound, nice design, modern valve block, reputable brand, 4 monel pistons, 4 rotary valves, improved functionality, high quality product, free blowing and comfortable playing.

How to choose best piccolo trumpets



  • Valves

Most modern piccolo trumpets have four valves to expand range and intonation, and easily pair with other instruments such as flutes, oboes and clarinets.

  • Bell material

The bell material can affect the piccolo trumpet’s performance sound quality. Most of today’s piccolo models use yellow brass for manufacturing. 

  • Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece can largely determine the quality of the sound it produces. Therefore, you need to choose the right mouthpiece for your trumpet type and ability.

  • Weight

Using a heavy piccolo trumpet for many hours or every day can affect the shoulders and arms so you should choose lightweight models.


It is no coincidence that big brands are the first choice when buying musical instruments. Because, reputable brands make high-performance instruments, guaranteed materials, superior sound, durability and more. With so many choices, knowing the top brands in the market is essential. Of course, the brand is not the most important aspect when buying a piccolo trumpet.


Budget is always a big deal for any transaction. If you are looking to buy your first piccolo trumpet then you don’t need to spend a fortune. You can easily find a great model for around $400. But if you’re looking to sharpen your skills, you’ll have to spend a little more.

7 best piccolo trumpets you should consider 

Cool Wind CPT-200 Piccolo Trumpet (for beginners)


Why is the Cool Wind CPT-200 one of the best piccolo trumpets on this impressive list? It is unique, lightweight, elegant and sturdy. Over the years Cool Wind – the manufacturer of the CPT-200 has created a lot of excellent press instruments. The Cool Wind CPT-200 is made from high-quality plastic so it weighs only 3 lbs – almost the lightest of any other piccolo on the market. You can easily move it and use it for hours. 

In addition, this excellent piccolo comes with a hard carrying case and mouthpiece. Clearly, the Cool Wind CPT-200 is an impressive and eye-catching piccolo for beginners. However, it is not suitable for professional use and skill enhancement. Made from lightweight plastic but not very durable. So, if you are looking for an affordable and mid-featured piccolo, the Cool Wind CPT-200 will be perfect for you.

Funion Piccolo Trumpet Bb/A Brass Instrument (for beginners)


For those who are inexperienced or just starting to play the piccolo trumpet, this Funion Piccolo Trumpet is the perfect choice. It has an impressive finish (bright yellow lacquer), elegant design, good enough sound, and is affordable. It is manufactured from high quality materials so it is very durable, you can rest assured to use it for many years. 

This Piccolo Trumpet weighs only 6Ibs – much lighter than some other piccolos (9Ibs and up). Players can move it around with ease and comfortably use it for hours without worrying about fatigue. This impressive product comes with a special carrying case and cleaning cloth for convenient carrying and storage of the instrument. It should be noted that it has average sound quality, so it will not be suitable for professional players.

Classic Cantabile Brass PT-196 Bb Piccolo Trumpet (for beginners)


Why do people love the Classic Cantabile PT-180? Why is it one of the best piccolo trumpets? The Classic Cantabile PT-180 is a sleek, premium finish, high performance, durable and budget-friendly piccolo trumpet. It has an 11.7 mm bore, a 100 mm bell and an impressive mouthpiece. Despite its affordable price, it can produce good sound and a comfortable response as it is made of the highest quality materials.

This amazing piccolo trumpet comes with a hard case and a mouthpiece for easy portability. No doubt, whether you’re on a tight budget or just starting to buy your first piccolo trumpet, the Classic Cantabile PT-180 will be the right choice for you. Despite its high performance and affordable price, it is not intended for use by professionals or highly experienced people.

Brasspire Unicorn Piccolo Trumpet (professional  players)

Sai Musical Piccolo Trumpet (professional  players)


With a modern and distinctive design, the Brasspire Unicorn Piccolo Trumpet delivers rich and clear sound. It has four valves that move easily and freely, the pistons are stainless steel which increases the durability of the device even after years of play. It has a bore size of 11.60mm and a bell size of 98mm providing a bright sound and great intonation.

It has a stable range and a good feel – suitable for the professional player or for the student majoring in classical music. While you can find cheaper piccolo trumpets, if you want to improve your skills then you need to invest in better instruments. Compared to similar versions, Brasspire Unicorn is an affordable version and still retains a good reputation (prices range from $1,100 to $1,400). 

Schilke Piccolo Trumpet – Schilke P5-4 (professional players)


With the instrument industry in general and piccolo players in particular, the Schilke P5-4 is considered the standard piccolo and one of the best piccolo trumpets. This impressive model offers exceptional tone and playability. While most others have smaller bores (0.415 inches), the Schilke P5-4 has a larger bore size of 0.450 inches – allowing it to take in more air and make it easier to play to the tune.

A unique and distinctive feature of the Schilke P5-4 is that it is built with a harder metal – the beryllium bronze bell provides a brighter and more resonant sound. For intermediate to professional players, this piccolo trumpet is sure to bring an impressive and wonderful experience.

Yamaha Piccolo Trumpet – Yamaha YTR-6810S (professional players)


Yamaha is one of the rare brands in the market that produces products that excel in every category (from the fastest motorcycles, quality pianos, drum sets and of course wind instruments, etc). When people think of the Yamaha brand, they usually think of high performance, detail and impeccable craftsmanship. With over 100 years of experience, every piccolo that leaves the Yamaha factory is a beloved instrument.

The Yamaha YTR-6810S is a highly prized piccolo for its impressive features that deliver comfort, richer sound and great playing experiences. The YTR-6810S has a premium bronze gold finish – super polished, durable and incredibly luxurious. If you are an intermediate or professional player looking to have a great experience, this piccolo will be perfect for you. However, it is quite expensive.

Bach Piccolo Trumpet – Bach AP190 (for professionals)


Bach is also a reputable brand in the musical instrument manufacturer category because of its high standards, outstanding quality and elegant design. Every instrument produced by Bach is unique and new. Among them, Bach AP190 has its superb sound quality and unparalleled responsiveness. Compared to similar products, Bach AP190 is made of premium materials (striking silver finish) so it can produce clear, high and resonant sound with ease.

The most impressive point is that this piccolo has four monel pistons that help players adjust extremely conveniently and quickly. The manufacturer also designed a luxurious carrying case and two valve guides for user comfort. Undeniably, Bach Piccolo Trumpet is one of the best piccolo trumpets today, however, it is quite expensive and not really suitable for beginners, it is specially designed for professionals to improve their amazing skills.


Is a piccolo trumpet expensive?

While the piccolo trumpet can be quite expensive, you can still find many great models for under $1000-$2,000. For newbies, the best options are Cool Wind CPT-200, Classic Cantabile PT-180 or Funion.

Are piccolo trumpets harder to play?

In fact, learning to play any instrument is not easy. The difficulty of playing the piccolo depends on the experience and ability of each player. Fortunately, learning to play the piccolo trumpet is almost like learning to play the regular trumpet, so it’s not too difficult to learn. You need to practice hard every day to achieve the desired results. If you find the right instructor, the learning process will be much more effective.

What does a piccolo trumpet look like?

A piccolo trumpet looks like a tiny trumpet, but it’s not an ordinary trumpet. The length of the total pipes is much smaller – not half that of conventional B-flat trumpets. While other trumpets have 3 valves, most piccolo trumpets have 4 valves – the 4th valve to create intonation in the lower vocal range.


All the piccolos reviewed in this article are top quality with impressive features. Hopefully the best piccolo trumpets we have mentioned are the necessary information to help you buy the right and best piccolo trumpet on the market. If you have any questions or want to learn more about other fascinating musical instruments, feel free to share them with us!

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